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Bane of the Abyss
Map Description:


  • Hyper-difficult challenges that avoids bullet sponges, insta-kills, and perma-death. Enemies produce area-denial hazards when hitting a player, demons chase after you relentlessly via teleporting & demon-only jumps, and any demons killed will automatically be replaced so you're always fighting the max # of enemies.

  • 7 fully scripted encounters. Follow the message prompts to proceed.

  • Level up after beating encounters boosting your HP & armor

  • 10 fully custom abilities. After beating certain encounters select from a random assortment of 3 of the 10 abilities. See below for some examples.

  • Dashon a 6 second cool-down to boost your speed to 300% for 0.5 second. Activated on [User Input 2].

  • Playerdeaths reset the map at the previous checkpoint. No need to reload the map!

  • Findcombat secrets to gain bonuses along the way. Follow the message prompts and scour the map to find the secret bonuses.

  • Competitivescoring: start with 100 score- you lose 1 score per death. Can you land a perfect score?

Ability Examples:

  • Demon Berserk: Turn into a Baron for up to 10 seconds to deal massive damage. Your health rapidly deteriorates while Berserk is active so be careful! Activated on [Crouch]; 40 second cool-down.

  • Proximity Mines: Enemies spawn proximity mine orbs on a kill. Up to 5 mines can be active at once. Mines have a short charge time before activating. Fight your enemies nearby the active proximity mines for maximum benefit.

  • Advanced Dash: Reduced dash cool-down to 4 seconds and resets the dash on a kill. You also leave behind a high damage hazard trail with a small area of effect while dashing. Pro-tip: dash between glory kills to reset your dash repeatedly.

  • 7 more custom abilities available!

Please leave comments, rate, and share the map! If you find any bugs please let me know.

Note: This is currently a beta version so there are still a handful of known bugs, but it's otherwise a full build of the first version of the map.

Map ID:
1,160 views Oct 9, 2017

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