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Ultimate Farm Sim 2K18 GOLD (v1.9)
Map Description:

Let's do a hard labor in farm and later relax in Sauna!

Updated: 1809/2017

- Added new secret area.

- Fixed few game crashing bugs.

It's finally finished!

Most of texts are getting translation for English. There is still lots of Finnish lines and humor in this map.

Don't be mad about it, plz. ;)

Ps. Can you survive 48 hours of farming *Spoilers: 48 mins game time*

+ Achieve 1 000 000 Euros in this and might get to the End Game?

+ Added optional Farming Tasks.

including Sauna Marathon. Do you accept this hellish challenge. ;)

Useable now:

- Cut trees and saw them to in Saw Mill to earn money.

- Buy and plant seeds, plant vegetables; three of kind - carrots, tomatoes and potatoes.

- Rng weather / events system.

- Finnish Sauna finished.

- Outside toilet (don't be too harsh to it, this map is full of humor).


- Sauna with heater system in it. 3 levels of to make sauna even hotter.

- Buy more weapons in HC Metal Weapons & Perks Shop.

- Bank system updated.

- End Game? - It cannot be :o

Most recent updates:

Did some fixes on weapons save system and lowered damage taken from Sauna levels.

Will be doing somedays making of streaming for this map @ twitch.tv/magnusti86

Enjoy farming! :)



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1,785 views Sep 3, 2017

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