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4 Player FFA Deathmatch - HELL JUMP

(Quake 2-3 Rocket Arena Inspired)

First to 15 Kills - 10 Minute Rounds

This map goes hard on 1v1 as well as 4 Player FFA. Loaded with jump boosters for easy navigation/epic mid air battles, increased movement speed/weapon damage to mimic the Quake feel, and plenty of secrets. There's a Green Skull Key in each starting zone that can be used to unlock the BFG. Blood pool teleporters lead to the BFG room and will help you get around the map quickly. In the center, you'll find a pool of blood right below a pentagram that's constantly gushing blood. If you stand in it, your HP will slowly regenerate. You can either use this or gather HP pickups throughout the map to restore your health. As for Armor, it's all in the starting zones, use the jump pads to gather them. BFG ammo can be found by looking for a small cave entrance that's glowing green. This too is in the starter areas and has very little ammo to pick up due to the OP-ness of the weapon. It's definitely the weapon of choice whenever you need to catch up in kills. Hope you all enjoy!

Get a closer look at the mechanics and secrets DM - HELL JUMP has to offer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYha14_u2Js&t

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206 views Mar 22, 2017

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