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PROJECT HAMARTIA: Single/Co-Op Horde Survival with 10 Unique Classes and Abilities
Map Description:


LInk to more detailed class descriptions: https://www.reddit.com/r/snapmap/comments/5eg2zi/project_hamartia_beta_build_10_unique_classes/ 


There are 10 unique classes in all, which you and up to three other players must utilize effectively to survive through three progressively harder sets of waves. Use lifestealing clouds, napalm rockets, explosive rounds, and more to blast your way to victory.

You’ll begin in the Circulation Furnace, but once Waveset 1 is complete (or if you find another way to open the door. *wink wink*), you’ll have access the other two wings.

Several rooms have hazards you can take advantage of, including bursting fuel lines, coolant leaks, chemical fumes (which heal you and hurt demons), and even a lake of fire! 

There are also two other maps in the series (just search "Project Hamartia," one is Blood Lakes and the other is The Labs) that have new maps, new hazards, tweaks and class improvements, and two new classes hidden in the starting room!


All active abilities are activated using [User Input 2]. I recommend setting this to [Q] if you don’t have a preference. (Passives require no input)

Your team starts with 4 lives, shared among everyone. You can also revive downed teammates for free by standing near them, or from anywhere on the map by using a Revive Token. Both lives and revive tokens can be found around the map (there are 2 lives and 3 RTs)

Holding “Use” [default E] for three seconds will recall you back to the loadouts room, letting you get out of sticky situations or just mix things up a bit. (This will also respawn all cores; however, duplicate classes will likely conflict, as I don’t have enough memory left to build in multi-user support, which would take many, many strings of logic. :c )

Holding [User Input 2] for three seconds will expend a token to revive a downed ally. Use this if rescue is impossible (or just too risky), but decide quickly!



  • ACTIVE ABILITY: Stealth; Assassination

  • PASSIVE: Auto-recharging Shield

  • LOADOUT: Double Barrel; Chainsaw; Combat Shotgun; Tesla Grenades



  • ACTIVE ABILITY: Final Stand

  • PASSIVE: Armor Regen; High Health, Low Speed 

  • LOADOUT: Chaingun with Rotator Mod; Railgun; Ammo Packs



  • ACTIVE ABILITY: Hellcast

  • PASSIVE: Hellbite

  • LOADOUT: Hellshot; Charge Pistol; Plasmagun with Static Field Mod; Lifesteal Grenades



  • ACTIVE ABILITY: Explosive Rounds

  • PASSIVE: --

  • LOADOUT: Heavy Rifle with Missile Pod; Detmod Rocket Launcher; Shotgun with Explosive Mod; Standard Grenades (Short cooldown)



  • ACTIVE ABILITY: Jericho Napalm Rocket

  • PASSIVE: Incendiary Rounds; Firebomb

  • LOADOUT: Modded weapons: Charge Pistol; Static Rifle; Grenades 



  • ACTIVE ABILITY: Corruptor-modded BFG

  • PASSIVE: Corrosive Canister Rounds (Weapon Mod)

  • LOADOUT: Modded weapons: Charge Pistol; Burst Rifle; 




  • PASSIVE: Health and Armor on kills; extreme speed 

  • LOADOUT: Double Barrel; Chainsaw; Combat Shotgun 



  • ACTIVE ABILITY: Lightning Wall

  • PASSIVE: Electroactive Rounds

  • LOADOUT: Lightning Gun; Plasma Rifle; Vortex Rifle; Shield Wall Deployable



  • ACTIVE ABILITY: Lifesteal Nanocloud

  • PASSIVE: Explosive Revive 

  • LOADOUT: Plasmagun with Stun Mod; Burst-fire Combat Shotgun; Deployable Healthpack




  • PASSIVE: Shazzamy Explosions; Quick-swap Loadouts; Haste awarded every 20 kills

  • LOADOUTS: Heavy Rifle/Grenades; Fists of Fury/Lifesteal Grenades 


There is also a console that will reset *all* classes and attributes, as well as teleporting all players back to the loadout room. While it is a bit brute-forcey, using this whenever you switch classes is the best guarantee that all player classes will behave as intended.

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Mr Bones Wild Ride
338 views Dec 31, 2016

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