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THE HELL-GULLET (Continuing story from 'The Derelict')
Map Description:


The second chapter, following the events of the first map, "The Derelict."

Stranded in the adrift UAC ship, you have no option but to keep pushing deeper into the heart of the ship, creeping through the hidden labs that run through the vessel like veins behind the cargo-ship facade.You're going to have to lean on your experience as a spacebound scavenger to survive. 

Your captain says they've docked at Airlock 3. With luck, you'll meet them and escape this hellhole.

Custom Mechanics:

  • Reloading (Magazines in inventory, use Input 1 to reload)

  • Sprint (Limited by stamina, use Input 2 to sprint)

  • Injury system (Taking damage may result in injuries, slowing speed and possible resulting in semi-persistent blood-loss. Picking up a healthpack will stabilize injuries.)

  • Gain access to the station's security cameras for on-the-fly access

  • Use the Electro-Tool to power up sections of the ship - Once you pick it up, pressing "Equipment" will swap between your weapon and the E-Tool. (This is because of how I had to rig up the reload system. In the future I'll try to give you at least two weapons and a tool of some sort.)

So, I ran into yet another glitch in this playthrough, which made the final fight much harder. Once I got the chaingun, switching to the Electro-tool (Lighting Gun) prevented me switching back to it because I forgot to work it into the way I had to rig the reload system.

I've since fixed it, so the final fight should be much less difficult and you'll get to tear things apart with the chaingun. :)

Also, the video is longer than the actual map is. I rushed through exporting the video and forgot to trim off the end of the time. The actual map plays at the standard 15-20 minutes.

Part III is in the works, but it's going to have to wait just a bit.

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Mr Bones Wild Ride
229 views Dec 31, 2016

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