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You and your crewmates find a floating UAC derelict. A mammoth of a thing, floating in the black of space. On any other day this would be a windfall; scavenging some cargo to fence could keep you flying for at least another month.

Your captain is excited about this prospect, but as the airlock hisses through its cycle a vague, inexplicable sense of dread sets in. You steel yourself. You'll know you'll find nothing but silence, dust, and boxes of cheap just like always.

Still, as the elevator jolts to a stop you feel a icy shiver race up your spine. You grip your weapon tightly and step aboard.

Custom mechanics:

  • Reloading (Magazines in inventory) (Use via INPUT 1)

  • Sprint (Use via INPUT 2)

  • Injuries

I spent ages on this map, and I had to really restrain myself in this first installment to keep things tense and not dive right into combat too early. This is a bit of a deviation from standard DooM play, but I put a lot of time and effort into it so I hope that doesn't scare people away. ;)

This is only the first chapter. The second, T H E H E L L - G U L L E T, is published and a video and link is coming soon. Part III will have to wait a bit, but as long as these maps get plays it'll come!

Note: In this playthrough I ran into a small bug that kills me halfway through. When you get injured, sprinting causes you to take a small amount of damage for a few seconds, and the repeater failed to stop. I've since fixed it, don't worry. ;)

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Mr Bones Wild Ride
245 views Dec 31, 2016

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