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The Ethereal Shard
Map Description:

The Doomslayer, the Sun and the Unholy Ghost - aka the Ethereal Shade! Slayer guides you with dolls and the new objective system in my campaign, and up to level 3 of 5 is out now! If you liked my brothers' campaign, Quantum Hazard, you'll like these maps.

The Ethereal Shard - LVL1 - W8HQX44E

The Ethereal Shard - LVL2 - E7N5Q8YD

The Ethereal Shard - LVL3 - V3QGEGWZ


- ALL levels reworked as per the latest free update. Carry over weapons mods and Rune abilities.

- more organized PDA system, and Doomslayer dolls summon the banished man to guide you to secrets and give advice.

- Custom architecture co-mingled with existing modules, tested with AI to fullest effect.

- Abilities that kick in when near-death, such as 'Waste makes Haste' and 'Breaking the 4th.' Complete actual Rune Challenges to nab 'em.

- Carefully laid-out 'Imbued Monster' encounters and monster introduction, using new particle effects, trailing spawns and abilities.

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248 views Dec 19, 2016

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