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MAP01: Firebug (Three Maps Campaign)
Map Description:

Updated "Firebug" to a scoring system plus added more power ups and made some slight changes to improve better. "Décor" and "Straight Forward" are 'old' maps but fun to play--added a scoring system for both of them. Slight details in "Décor" but couldn't make any more further changes, like music changes since it has reached its limit. "Straight Forward" on the other hands has music changes and some additional details.

MAP01: Firebug (5AXTFHWL) -- Seek and Destroy a Firebug (buffed Revenant). Also, put out the fire in each area. Contains slight camera works and a scoring system.

MAP02: Décor (F6NWEY2E) -- Basic classic doom feel where you search for keys by eliminating the mini-bosses to access them. Scoring system added. Décor was a combination of my first map (originally called "Death Above") ever and second map merged together.

MAP03: Straight Forward (N89CU64T) -- Another basic classic doom feel where you search for keys to find the exit. Scoring system added. However, this one consists of waves with lockdown and some with no lockdown. This has a non-linear approach where you could access a room on either side.

Once again, you could search these under 'ghostguy'. Feedback would be appreciated.

Video (about 27 minutes of edited gameplay)

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183 views Dec 10, 2016

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