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The DOOM Santa: Merry Deathmas
Map Description:

Screenshots: http://imgur.com/gallery/7Yyur

What better way to bring in the Christmas spirit than spreading good will, gifts, and demon guts!

The DOOM Santa (not the Doom Slayer) is making his rounds, and your final stop for the night is Hellsville, a small village on the borders of Hell.

Explore outside to determine whether the demons are good or bad, then proceed into the privacy of their homes to leave gifts, and head home before they wake up and find you!

  • A mix of slow, thoughtful gameplay, and festive demon slaughtering!

  • A few secrets to find that will help you spread cheer with more ease!

  • INFINITE LIVES! If Santa died, who would give us free stuff? Our parents??

Good luck, have fun, and happy holidays!

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233 views Dec 7, 2016

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