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MAP01: Stormwatch (Four Maps Campaign)
Map Description:

MAP01:  Stormwatch  (5F75MJ7V)  --  Your goal is to activate the Stormwatch device which measures storms.  The facility's power is down.  Proceed with caution.

MAP02:  Quiet Zone (2STPD44G) -- Find and kill the Devil who resides in a reactor facility.  Weapons wheel provided.  There is one secret.  Interesting layout.

MAP03:  Outpost 45 (ZFXVK4MA) -- Eliminate the threat.  Main mission is to destroy a powerful Baron which resides the outpost.

MAP04:  Sagittarius Four (GWBXYSNV) -- Take place in a mining facility.  Collect minerals for powerups.  The goal is to find three power cores to escape.

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247 views Nov 23, 2016

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