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Map Description:

Endless waves with random modifiers.

- 3rd and 7th wave: Challenges

- 5th wave: bonus (collect team lifes)

- 10th wave: bosses

- complete random challenges to level your teams armor, health or damage (+5% for one attribute which is random)

- on every wave (despite bonus or boss wave) there is a chance of 10% that an elite demon will spawn (if you kill him you get +5% on armor, health or damage)

- you can sacrifice a team life to increase all 3 attributes +5% (life converter)

- each demon drops an orb and you need 20 orbs to unlock 4x team damage each time

- there are secrets which unlock a music box, team haste x5, team berserk x3, extra team lifes and mega heal spawns

- SPECIAL: beat the high scores to enter a top 5 solo leader board and the elite demon can spawn with your name (random) as long as you are in the top 5 leaderboard (permanently added to map and will update from time to time)



+ new modifiers added

+ auto revive/healing after wave ends

+ added 2 secrets

+ other bugfixes



+ some modifiers added/changed

+ some new objects added to the map

+ added changelog

+ new music for unknown waves

+ some bugfixes



+ 3 new secrets added

+ new mods added/changed

+ new waves added/changed 

+ 4x Team Damage redesigned

+ some Bugfixes

+ some new sounds added



+ some Bugfixes

+ added random challenges (wave 3,7,13,17 etc)

+ added life converter (1 life = hp/dmg/armor +5%)

+ added weapons mods and a new wave

+ added an elite demon (10% spawn chance)

+ power up duration +10% after each boss wave

+ challenges added to HUD

+ starting HP of zombies +300%

+ armor 100% after respawn

+ requirement for leader board is now wave 50+



+ added new weapon (vortex gun)

+ added new modification (caltrops)

+ added new environment (infrared)

+ technician HP +300%

+ some bugfixes



+ souls now give 2 armor for the collector (bonus wave)

+ armor drops now 1.0 sec later from enemies (modification)

+ boss glory kills now give 20 hp and 20 armor to the killer

+ kill combo timer now depends on player count (1 to 4 = 4/3/2/1 sec)

+ kill combo timer now heals every player depending on player count (1 to 4 = 16/12/8/4 hp)

+ added stats menu > not available between waves! (hold score button)

+ added cam shake when hit

+ some minor bugfixes

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304 views Oct 14, 2016

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