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Parkour. Challenge your skill !
Map Description:

Run through pipes and find your way out!

Parkour for beguinner with checkpoints and progressive difficulty +3 secrets.

This is my 1st snapmap but I made a buch of parkour maps on games like Shootmania. I love it and my objective is to create an interesting and refreshing experience and I hope this map will please you. :)

Don't hesitate to give me your feedback here or on twiter @Vynzt_LV. You can even add me on Steam @Vinzt

Here is some screenshots:





I am actualy really busy working on my next map wich gonna be very original and way bigger. I learn a lot making this 1st map and the second one will more polished and interesting with a lot of new gameplay mechanics that suit Parkour maps.

So if you liked my 1st map or you are simply interested in Parkour maps, stay tune! :)

Have fun.

ps: I will need players to test my second map so if you are interesting message me :) Thx

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217 views Jun 20, 2016

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Jul 4, 2016
Vynzt SnapMap Amateur 115 points
Thx a lot! Btw, I am working on a new parkour/puzzle map for about +100h and I am finaly near the end!
I am really exciting to finish it. It will be really original(no joke), longer, a little challenging for the brain and with a lot of features that was missing in the 1st one (cinematics, sound effect, leaderboard, custom musics, etc...)
Can't wait to published it in 2 days max I hope!! (need beta test 1st so if interesting contact me!)
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Jul 5, 2016
Vynzt SnapMap Amateur 115 points
I will post some screenshots tomorow.
Vynzt SnapMap Amateur 115 points
My new parkour/puzzle map is out!
link for more infos! http://www.snapmaphub.com/323/colory-parkour
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Jul 18, 2016