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Undead (SAY4HYQ7)
Map Description:

This map is based off of one I created for DOOM 2 along time ago. I think its a pretty good modernization of it and a good DOOM level.

Find the keys, fix the Reactor and kill the boss.

Not sure how hard it is, I imagine its going to be pretty difficult for newer players, but if you're quick to find secrets it makes it easier. Move fast and use chokepoints to your advantage. I am working on making the boss fight a little more interesting. Sometimes there is that one demon hiding somewhere or gets stuck somewhere that can ruin the pacing. On a play through I did, a demon must not of spawned or something and it stopped progression because of it, looking in on that (It has only happened once in the last 6 or 7 test runs I've done, so I'm sorry if it happens to you.  Pleas give it another try.).

Let me know what you think of it. Thank you for trying it out!

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169 views Jun 10, 2016

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