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Dark Squad
Map Description:

Use the battery to open doors with the Lasers. Destroy this Facility and evacuate.

Wave based coop map with classes, secrets and upgrades. Has similarities to Alien Mode Extinction from CoD Ghosts.

Playtime: around 30 min



+ enemy damage reduced by 10% when playing alone

+ normal enemy hp factor scaling reduced by 0.10 for every player above 1

+ wrong team credit display value fixed

+ a little bit more ammo, armor and health from loot boxes

+ no more extra score for glory kills



+ remaining enemies will be removed after end of laser timer

+ enemy HP +20% after every main door event

+ armor drop chance +5%

+ shop redesigned

+ starting armor capacity reduced to 20

+ ammo and health shops fixed

+ credits now drop from enemies

+ some bug fixes

Map ID:
213 views Jun 6, 2016

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SnapMap Hub SnapMap Guru 1,420 points
Love this map.
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Jul 4, 2016