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Cyber Hell - E1M6 - Reactor Core
Map Description:

Cyber Hell 

E1M1 - UAC Foundry - N8CGFPQU - v2.0

E1M2 - Factory - R8QFXJYP - v2.0

E1M3 - Sub Basement - AUUSZMEH - v2.0

E1M4 - Central Processing - B5WM9GKM v2.0

E1M5 - Power Facility - 834TYNFL v2.0

E1M6 - Reactor Core - E4MV2Y7F v2.0


Toy Box 1.0 Cyber Hell Engine - Template map with all of my code - ER9DM689


Video overview of Ultimate Boss Wave


The Rules:

3 lives total (additional if level is more difficult)

2 gun slots (start with 2 guns)

Grenade equipped

Glory kills dump Ammo and Health 

Armor is pickup only

1 Super Shotgun hidden in every level (1 time pickup with no item respawn)

Run Button - L3 (Ps4) Hold for constant boost, tap for 1 second of boost. 

Cyber Hell Patch Notes:




2 guns (keep weapons on death)





3 lives (upped on difficulty)

L3 run button 

HUD score for friendly competition.


More level to come @ #cyberhell 

*Note not all of the code is up to date with the final rules of the campaign. Every level is 100% playable with checkpoints and waypoints. 

Please let me know of any errors or glitches you run into.

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Map Creator:
202 views Jun 21, 2016

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