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Marines Vs. Demons TDM V1.8
Map Description:

Required players atleast 2. Can play this map with 4 players.

Updated 01.07.2016:

V1.8 changes: Fixed few code issues and lighting.

Map Details:

2 Vs 2 Team Deathmatch combined

with building mechanics, shops

‚Äčand perks.

In this map both teams compete

for resources. Gain more resources by killing other team's players and demons.

Team whom has

most resources gained when

round ends, wins the match (round time 20mins).

Match duration will be changed in the future release.

Marines & Demons Units?

Marines has only 2 players, Demons has both + minions to command into the battlefield.

2 different kind of resources for both teams: Personal Money and TeamCredits (Marines). Souls and TeamSouls (Demons).

Updating soon some scripts and known bugs. Still have to fix balance for both teams.

Almost completed limit of the editor, cannot add more new things on this map.

+ Gain extra TeamCredits / TeamSouls by capturing each team's flag on their base.

+ Marines will have extra objective to require Red Power Core from the Demons area.

See more making of this map:https://goo.gl/2ZN1z7 

Send questions or if want

me to host lobby for the

game session to preview map or send comments on MGaming Youtube channel. :)

on Twitter @Magnusti86 

Map ID:
73 views May 26, 2016

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